BBQ on Kullaberg


When you are out on an adventure it is always nice with some BBQ! Here are the BBQ rules on Kullaberg:

  • You may only BBQ at the designated barbecue areas.
  • When there is a fire ban, BBQ is strictly forbidden. The fire risk forecast is updated daily here.
  • You may not use firewood from the forest.
  • Take your rubbish home. Leave no trace!
  • Playing music is forbidden, according to the regulations of the Nature Reserve. 
  • “Allemansrätten” does not apply at Kullaberg since it is a nature reserve. Certain rules are enforced here.


BBQ spot at Himmelstorp on eastern Kullaberg. Toilet at the car park.

Several BBQ spots by the car park on western Kullaberg. Toilet at the western edge of the car park.