GOLF on Kullaberg


Best golf course in Sweden? You will never regret playing Mölle!

Mölle Golf Club is one of Sweden’s oldest and most classic courses, in addition to being known as one of the most beautiful.

Few Swedish courses, and European too for that matter, can compare to Mölle when it comes to outstanding scenery. The course’s 18 holes are placed in Kullaberg’s nature reserve.
“The sin in Mölle” is a well-known expression that dates to the days when this village, as one of the first places in Europe, allowed men and women to swim and sunbathe together, all properly dressed in particular striped outfits covering most of their bodies.
As you drive uphill on the road between the village and the golf course, named “the Italian road” after the breath-taking views found around the Mediterranean Sea, your senses will tell you that this will be an experience like no other. The road meanders through a majestic forest of beech trees surrounded by steep cliffs and a sometimes-rough sea. The road ends at the Kullaberg lighthouse.