Trailrun on Kullaberg


The running on Kullaberg is magical! Here is something for everyone, no matter what distance or technical difficulty you want!

Where to run Trailrun on Kullaberg?
Kullaberg is a must for anyone who likes trailrun / trail running! Here, only the imagination sets the limits! The guys who have the most imagination in this matter are the group of people who arrange the Kullamannen, which is a trailrun-race that is arranged every year.

Here we will give some tips on nice trails, which to a great extent are created by Kullamannen Sport Klubb AB. Read more about them at:

Get around:
To find your way around you can draw the paths on a map, print one of these maps. But on most of the best trails there is no signs or marks on the mountain. We therefor recommend that you use a gps or the app ViewRanger.

Click “Learn more”  on the selected trail, click on “menu” on the right hand side. click export to .gpx and then install the .gpx in your device.

App in a smartphone

Wownload the app outdooractive and create an account. Click  “Learn more” on the trail that you are interested in, then “open in app” No need to purchase extra maps in app. The ones supplied work just fine. Press navigate from the botom meny. Enjoy the fantastic trails!

The trails that are marked on Kullaberg are marked with Red on the south side of Kullaberg from Mölle to the  Lighthouse, Blue from Arild on the north side to the lighthouse. Yellow paths connect red and blue, usually in the north / south direction.

Kullamannen Trail.
The Kullamannen Trail consists of several race-distances from 12.8 km to over 161 km on the beautiful, wild Kullaberg. The adventurous course runs along winding narrow mountain paths, outstanding views of the sea and land, steep cliffs and through the most beautiful of forests.

Kullamannen is for everyone!
For the elite runner who wants to measure his forces against the rock and feel the lactic acid burn in his legs. For the exerciser who wants to try on Sweden’s perhaps most beautiful race and experience the Kullabygden. 

Read more:

Were to park on Kullaberg?
Just as you enter Mölle, you will find a big free parking to the right. Check the map below: