Sweden’s most historical place to go for a swim? Enjoy the wonderful places where the legend of the “Mölle sin” was born! But be aware that the sea around the cape can be dangerous! 

About 100 years ago, men and women were suddenly allowed to go swimming in the same place at Solviken and Ransvik. This was at the time a unique phenomenon and came to be the starting point for legend ”the Mölle sin”. Of course, because many wanted to experience the waters (and perhaps the sin…), Mölle soon sailed up as the ”Riviera of Northern Europe”. Celebrities and royalty crowded on the beautiful pebble beaches and in the clear water. Below are three suggestions if you want to follow in their footsteps:


Solviken in Mölle is a magical place on a nice day, with its saltwater pool and beautiful pebble beach. The swimming place was one of the places that during the beginning of the 20th century helped create the myth of “bathing life at Mölle” and the “Mölle sin”. There is a cool path that connects this place with the other famous bathing spot Ransvik.



Josefinelust is located on the north side of the mountain. Here you walk from a nearby car park. Beware, it’s quite a few altitude metres to the beach ;). Once down, you are met by a wonderful bay, with caves for the children to explore.


Ransvik, a small bay with a cool café and a wonderful atmosphere. This bathing spot also helped to create the myth of ”the sin in Mölle”.

Don’t forget to visit the café:
Ransvik Havsveranda >