”The drive was a desire, to be able to offer everyone, young and not so young… an opportunity to experience adventure together!”

Kullabergsguiderna (The Guides of Kullaberg) arrange adventures for everyone. Our goal is to show the incredible nature in a sustainable way. Here’s our story:

Everything started in 1986…

In the 1980s, Joachim Persson conducted several international expeditions. These expeditions were part of the development of both the idea, and the actual company that began to take shape at home. All the experience and knowledge would be used in a unique concept at home. “The driving force was a desire, to be able to offer everyone, young and old, an opportunity to experience adventure together!” The expeditions resulted in Joachim Persson and Stefan Svensson becoming the first in the world to down with wings from the top of the 5,900 m high Kilimanjaro in Africa and from the 4,800 m high Mont Blanc.

In 1986, an activity centre began to take shape, which came to be named Special Sport School AB. Everything from diving courses to climbing courses was conducted here.

In the early 1990s, the first RIB boat was acquired. At the time, Special Sport School were pioneers in Sweden in taking guests out to sea with RIB. The demand for fast travel boat was great. Special Sport School’s most famous boat was an 11 m long Tornado with two 350 hp V8 from Yamaha. To also satisfy the needs of the tourists on Kullaberg, Joachim Persson and Marcus Petterson started Kullabergsguiderna AB in 1996. These two companies came to form the backbone of the adventure culture at fantastic Kullaberg. Special Sport School became the company that delivered corporate experiences both at home and abroad. While Kullabergsguiderna took care of tourists at Kullaberg.
Whale safari
In 2010, an idea began to emerge to run whale safaris with RIB for tourists. We knew that the porpoises were here, but whether it would be possible to arrange tours with a high enough chance of seeing them was uncertain. A smaller RIB was acquired and a collaboration with the County Administrative Board was started. After a few seasons, it was clear that whale safari worked fine. We quickly learned how to work with the boats, how not to disturb the whales and enable the general public to come out and see these incredibly beautiful animals. Fredrik Albin and Jacob Schenström also started a far-reaching modernisation of the environmental thinking of the companies. This later resulted in the award “Ecotourism Association’s Diversity Award 2018”.

The handover
In 2018, Marcus and Joachim felt that it was time to pass the torch to Emil Lindvall and David Arborelius, who have both been working in the companies for a long time. Emil and David then decided to merge the two companies into one – Kullabergsguiderna!

In 2021, Kullabergsguiderna were the driving force behind a campaign to make life better for the whales in our area. This campaign focuses on raising boat owners’ awareness of how to approach the whales and how to act in an area where the likelihood of meeting them is great.  

What about the future?
Our goal is to manage and develop the business, always with a focus on “adventure for all” and sustainability. Expansion of our business must not take place at the expense of the nature and culture of Kullaberg!

See you on the mountain!
Emil, David and the rest of the Kullabergsguiderna crew!

Emil Lindvall 
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David Arborelius
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