Big hike or small escape… Kullaberg will leave a mark, this is just a few examples:

Where to go hiking/walking on Kullaberg? Click on the map below to get an overview of the trail system on Kullaberg. 
It is quite easy to find your way around Kullaberg. From Arild to the lighthouse on the north side there is a blue marked trail. From Mölle to the lighthouse a red trail. A few yellow connects these two on a number of places.
We also recommend  Länstyrelsens nice pdf for more info about the trails: Click here>>>>
Are you looking for other cool places to hike in Sweden? Check out this nice guide on the Ridestore Magazine website >>>>

Were to park on Kullaberg?
Just as you enter Mölle, you will find a big free parking to the right. Check the map below:

Park on western Kullaberg.

Park on eastern Kullaberg.

Eat on the hike:
Ransviks havsveranda and Kullagårdens Wärdshus  are two great places for a lunch or coffee when on trail! Se map below:

Get around:
To find your way around you can draw the paths on a map, print one of these maps. But on most of the best trails there is no signs or marks on the mountain. We therefor recommend that you use a gps or the app ViewRanger.

Click “Learn more”  on the selected trail, click on “menu” on the right hand side. click export to .gpx and then install the .gpx in your device.

App in a smartphone

Wownload the app outdooractive and create an account. Click  “Learn more” on the trail that you are interested in, then “open in app” No need to purchase extra maps in app. The ones supplied work just fine. Press navigate from the botom meny. Enjoy the fantastic trails!

The trails that are in real life, marked on Kullaberg are marked with Red on the south side of Kullaberg from Mölle to the  Lighthouse, Blue from Arild on the north side to the lighthouse. Yellow paths connect red and blue, usually in the north / south direction.

A visit to the silver cave is appreciated by everyone. The cave itself is about 12m deep. The hike is the actually the main experience where you follow the coastline with small climbs to very beautiful place. Initially, you go almost all the way down to the little lighthouse on the tip. See map below:

200m before the lighthouse there is a concrete plattform, just before it you go down to the left (south) for an approximately 50m long downhill. After that, the road to the Silver Cave is marked with arrows in the ground. We recommend that you turn around at the silver cave and go back the same way. Would you like to go further, please check if there are bookable tours on “private” above. If you are a larger group, please contact us on companys / bigger groups.
Have a nice Hike!!!


With its almost 200m above sea level, Håkull is a given hike! 
The walk up can be quite challenging but the view makes it worth while.

Our tip is to park at Himmelstorp and then go blue over the saddle towards Håkull. Challenging and beautiful!

NIMIS och Arx

One of the biggest “land-arts” in Northern Europe, Nimis was built by just one man. This is a really stunning site. Well recommended!

Park at Himmelstorp, then walk towards the saddle, following the blue trail NV,  about 200m before it begin to climb follow the steep path down right to the water. Look for “N” markt on trees. 

This is a pretty tough walk. Be very careful if you climb the artwork. We wold recomend you not to.