Naturum is situated at the tip of Kullaberg. Here you will find a saltwater aquarium, a petting aquarium, games, books and exhibitions.

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Both young and old walkers will enjoy adventure on Kullaberg. Remember, however, that kids get tired feet slightly earlier than the adults 😉

Park at the large gravel car park before the lighthouse. See the map below.

With strollers, it is mainly the area around the lighthouse that is accessible.

Walking without a pram, with children around 4-5 years, a walk of about 4 km with a visit to Naturum can be a pleasant experience. Bring coffee to keep morale up 🙂 See map below. The red trail on the map is marked with red on the trees.

With older kids a hike to the Silver Cave is a cool adventure.

The cave is narrow and about 12 m deep. The hike itself is actually the main experience where you follow the coastline with small climbs to beautiful places. Initially, you go almost all the way down to the small lighthouse on the tip. See map below:

200 m before the lighthouse there is a concrete platform. Just before it you go down to the left (south) for an approximately 50 m long downhill. After that, the road to the Silver Cave is marked with white arrows on the ground. We recommend that you turn around at the Silver Cave and go back the same way.

Would you like to walk further, please check with us if there are bookable tours here >

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Enjoy your hike!



Solviken in Mölle is a magical place on a nice day. Here you will find a saltwater pool and a pebble beach. The location is one of the places that during the beginning of the 20th century created the myth of “badlif-by Mölle” and “Mölle of sin”. There is a cool path that connects this place with the other famous swimming location Ransvik.