Our goal is not just to be sustainable, we want to be more than that!

We want to improve the nature where we operate. Based on that will, we have started a campaign called “Mind the porpoise”.

The purpose of the campaign is to make life better for the wonderful little tooth whale that we so often get to hang out with around Kullaberg. The Coast Guard, Lund University, the Swedish Museum of Natural History and the National Veterinary Institute are participating in the campaign.

In 2021, we put about 3,500 information sheets on recreational boats’ mooring lines, we had staff who educated the children at the sailing schools (who then hopefully educate their parents) and we even got the ferries between Helsingborg and Denmark to turn off their sonars to reduce the harmful noise that the sonar generates for the whales.

We are certified by Nature’s Best Sweden and we were awarded the prize for Ecotourism Company of the Year 2018. All our tours with RIB are climate compensated.

We sometimes get questions about our engines on the boats. We are following development, but so far there are no electric alternatives that would work from a maritime safety perspective.

Our opinion is that it must be possible to have two thoughts in your head at the same time. Our opinion is; that on behalf of the Sound and the porpoises, it is important to show the general public what fantastic animals live here. The public can also participate in data collection and through this we hope that we can create awareness that this is something that must be preserved at all costs.

This is not possible today without internal combustion engines.

We hope we get to show you the fantastic nature of Kullaberg one day!