With the help of a GPS, map, cunning and courage, you’ll make your way through legendary caves and high cliffs to find Kullamannen’s hidden treasure. The perfect family adventure!

För att tillgängliggöra aktiviteter på fantastiska Kullaberg, genomför vi schemalagda turer med priser som passar privatpersoner och barnfamiljer nedan. Bokningsbara turer är tillgängliga maj–augusti. För önskemål gällande andra datum så kontakta oss här.
Är ni en grupp eller företag som önskar en upplevelse så kontakta oss här.

Kullamannen’s treasure hunt is an activity taking you around Kullaberg’s outermost point, by way of various clues and codes.

With the help of a GPS you’ll pass by caves (not applicable on the easy level (Porpoise hunt)) and beautiful viewpoints. The treasure hunt is an activity the group does on its own. We lend you all the equipment you need – a handheld GPS, torch, compass and a treasure map. This activity can be done any time when naturum (the visitor centre) is open, 10am–6pm.

Expect 1–2 hours for the entire activity. You can also take coffee for a break along the way – this adds on some extra time.

Choose between three different trails with varying levels of difficulty.
You choose your trail at the first clue point.

Porpoise hunt
Easy level – about 1 hour – recommended for 4–10 years.

Silver treasure
Intermediate level – takes about 1.5 hours – recommended for 6–12 years.

Pirate hunt
Difficult level – takes about 2 hours – recommended for 10 years and up.